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Shola Olatoye Resigns as Chair of New York City Housing Authority
2018-04-12    0 views
New York City Housing Authority Chairwoman
Shola Olatoye announced her resignation Tuesday.

She insisted that the decision had nothing to do
with a recent NYCHA lead paint scandal.

In a report to the federal government
in October 2016

Olatya claimed that NYCHA had
been testing for lead in paint.

But the city’s Department of Investigation
discovered that NYCHA had stopped testing
for it nearly 4 years earlier.

6 months ago, it was revealed that NYCHA
had falsified reports to the federal government.

NYCHA also didn’t tell public housing tenants
about the lead, even after it was discovered.

Both the federal government and the state
are conducting investigations into the issue.

Olatya will continue working until the end of this

Mayor de Blasio has appointed Stanley Brezenoff
as the temporary head of NYCHA.


There have been four managers of the New York
City Housing Authority since last year.

However, with Major Bill de Blasio’s support, Shola
Olatoye stayed head of the Housing Authority.

New York City Announces Third-Annual Car Free Day
2018-04-11    0 views
New York City is set to hold its third car-free day on April 21.

In Times Square on Monday, officials announced the plans for this year’s event.

[[Ydanis Rodriguez, Chairman, NYC Council Transportation Committee]]
“One of the biggest announcements today is that DOT, working together, has made a decision that this will be a yearly event."

The event will close down a two-mile stretch of Broadway between Union Square and Times Square.

It will be closed to vehicular traffic from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Part of St. Nicholas Avenue in Washington Heights will also be closed.

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the stretch between 181st St. and 190th St. will be closed to traffic.

[[Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner, NYC Department of Transportation]]
“[It will] give people a chance to walk and bike and participate in a bunch of great activities, exercise, arts, you name it.”

There will be a variety of cycling activities, performances, and tours along the closed streets.

Credit:With reporting by NTD’s Sydney Wang
Robbers Get Away with $350,000 from Target in the Bronx
2018-04-10    0 views
Two men reportedly stole $350,000 from a Target in the Bronx.
The NYPD and FBI are on the hunt for the two men.
They got away after robbing the store in Marble Hill.
The men entered the Target on West 225th St at 8:15 a.m., March 26.
The masked pair went straight to a vault.
They flashed a gun at the store manager who was there counting money.
They stuffed a duffel bag full of cash and walked out the way they came.
The two escaped on a blue and white motorcycle.
Officials say the men could be armed and dangerous.
There is a reward for information leading to their arrest.
Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU - A movie extra who constructed a life-size replica of Luke Skywalker’s X-WING starfighter has pulled an April Fool's Day prank
2018-04-01    0 views
A movie extra who built a life-size replica of Luke Skywalker’s X-WING starfighter has pulled an April Fool's Day prank on local residents.

Richard Butler, 65, who has spent 12 months constructing the impressive replica, wanted to give local residents a shock with a fake crime scene.

Funny man Richard, carefully placed his starfighter in a field near his house to make it look like a realistic crash scene.

Richard, from Doncaster, South Yorks., built the 21ft-long version of the trademark aircraft in his garden to celebrate Mark Hamill’s return to the sci-fi saga two years ago.

He built the replica by hand using fibreglass, plywood, plastic and metal, thought what better way to pay tribute to the light-sabre-wielding star.

The 'battlescorched' X-wing starfighter Red 5 has been fitted with half-a-mile of cables and includes flashing lights, joysticks and the wings even move up and down.

Richard, who has spent £800 on the build so far, said: "I wanted to bring a bit of sci-fi mystery to Doncaster to play a little April Fool's prank on the residents.

“I placed it into one of the fields behind my house and made it look like it had crashed. It looks so realistic it is already drawing crowds out to come and investigate.

Thankfully the replica, which can we worked remotely from 250 metres away, was not damaged during the mischievous prank.

Richard said: “We’ve been having such a laugh with it. I used the controller to turn the lights on from the house and I could see the crowds who had gathered round the jet all jump back.

“Don’t worry though, once I had my fun I went over to them and explained it was all a prank. Everyone thought it was marvellous.”

The plane took Richard a year to complete, with the help of his youngest son Prince, 15.

He added: "I'm really pleased with the way it has turned out - I've built a lot of other things including Daleks - but all the grandkids absolutely love to ride in it when they come to visit.

"It needs to be seen to be believed - every man has his price and I would be willing to sell it to the highest bidder.

"However, for the moment, the grandkiddies are still having too much fun.

"Maybe later in the year I shall see if a buyer is available."
Sweden's Princess Madeleine Gives Birth to Baby Girl
2018-03-09    0 views
Sweden's Princess Madeleine and her husband welcomed their third child on March 9.

The princess gave birth to a baby girl just after midnight at a Stockholm hospital.

The child is the couple's third after Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas.

The royal place said the newborn princess weighs 7.6 pounds and measures 1.6 feet.

Both mother and child are doing well.

Princess Madeleine, married U.S.-British banker Christopher O'Neill in 2013.

Madeleine, 35, is currently seventh in line to the Swedish throne.

Credit: Reuters
National Zoo's Giant Panda Bei Bei Rings in Chinese New Year.mov
2018-03-02    0 views
The resident giant panda at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo rang in the Chinese New Year with some special treats, celebrating the year of the dog.

Two-year-old Bei Bei can be seen ringing in the New Year at the Washington zoo, with sweet potatoes and honey. The treats were served out of a red box decorated with a dog to honor this year’s Chinese zodiac animal.

Credit: Smithsonian's National Zoo via Storyful
mexico earthquake
2018-02-17    1 views
A worker in a Mexico City office recorded a tense moment as his colleagues lined up against the walls watch the lights sway above them during a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit southwest Mexico on Feb. 16.

The footage was recorded in the Torre Diana office building.

The quake left nearly a million homes and businesses without power in Mexico City and the south and damaged at least 50 homes in Oaxaca.

The state, along with Mexico City, is still reeling from earthquakes that caused widespread damage in September and killed at least 471 people.

Blackface skit in China's new year gala sparks racism accusations
2018-02-17    1 views
A Chinese state television Lunar New Year gala broadcast provokes accusations of racism.

The actress appears on stage accompanied by someone costumed as a monkey.

The daughter wants to get approval from her mother to study in China.

Critics swiftly descended in response online.

On user on Weibo said, "Imagine if it was a white person in blackface saying in an exaggerated accent, 'I love America,' and not being blasted by the whole world."

Others declared the sketch an embarrassment.

Chicken Plays Star Spangled Banner on Keyboard
2018-02-17    2 views
This talented chicken loved playing music on the keyboard. One song that she knew was the star spangled banner. With the flag behind her, she showcased her patriotic nature.

United Airlines Engine Fails Over Pacific Ocean During Flight to Hawaii
2018-02-14    0 views
A United Airlines engine failed over the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, February 13, during a flight from San Francisco to Honolulu. The flight landed safely at Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport at 2:42 p.m.

Credit: Haley Ebert via Storyful
This Baby Gets the Gold in Her Homemade Olympic Games
2018-02-12    0 views
The spirit of the Olympics is alive and well in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, where one baby is competing in her own at-home games.

Kelsey Elver shared a video on Twitter of her daughter Bailey, with a little help from her dad, competing in several Winter Olympic events. In the video, Bailey can be seen dominating indoor bobsledding, downhill skiing, and speed skating around the floor.

In the end, Bailey receives her gold medal, a Chips Ahoy cookie.

Credit: Kelsey Elver via Storyful

Dunkin' Donuts Eliminates Foam Cups
2018-02-08    0 views
The company announced that by 2020 all foam cups will be eliminated.
Dunkin' Donuts Eliminates Foam Cups
2018-02-08    0 views
The company announced that by 2020 all foam cups will be eliminated.
Credit: AP
Part of an overpass has collapsed in Brazilian capital
2018-02-06    0 views
Part of an overpass collapsed in Brasilia on Tuesday, destroying cars, damaging part of a restaurant and snarling traffic in Brazil's capital.
Governor Rodrigo Rollemberg said no one was hurt when the 30-metre (100-foot) piece of road collapsed.
Local media broadcast images which showed the restaurant partially buried under the rubble.
A member of the rescue team told journalists that at least two cars were destroyed by the overpass collapse.
Philippine President Duterte Oversees Bulldozing of Smuggled Luxury Cars
2018-02-06    0 views
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte oversaw the destruction of several smuggled luxury vehicles during a ceremony on February 6, as part of a new policy to crack down on car smuggling.
This footage was broadcast on the Presidential Communications Facebook page and was described as showing the destruction of 19 vehicles in Manila, as well as seven in Davao City and three in Cebu City.
The ceremony came days after Duterte promised the destruction of the vehicles illegally brought to the country, the Philippine Star reported.
Credit: Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) via Storyful